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Swingin' on Nothing

Enjoy and learn from this collection now!

The videos in the course will be available to you for one year from the date of purchase.

Price: 15,90 €

If you love the Lindy Hop and you want to enjoy swing music this collection is perfect for you. You will learn Swing rhythm, how to dance to it and how to Partner dance; the Lindy Hop.

Sonia and Hector will show you sequences to dance doing Kick-steps and also Triple-steps. Each sequence is well thought to get fundamentals and "Flow" when dancing with partner.

You will learn classical moves like: Charleston, Swing Out, Tandem and some variations to flow from one move to another.

Sonia and Hector

#1 Fundamentals to Start Swinging

This video is perfect to start dancing swing rhythms. The collection is based on partner dance but this video focuses on the fundamentals that you need before dancing with a partner. Music: I can't give you anything but love by Don Byas

#2 Fundamentals. Triple step improvement

Exercises and techniques to practice, learn, and improve the Triple-Step.

#3 First Steps with Partner

Perfect for your first steps in partner dance and swing rhythms. Music: Wrap your troubles in dreams by Don Byas.

#4 Solo to Improve Partner Dance Skills

This is a Solo dance class thinking on moves that you will do in partner dance. We will show you how to do kicks, some vocabulary and a sequence to practice all of it. Watch "Swingin' on Nothing #4" to do all these moves in partner dancing. Music: Jive at Five by Buddy Tate

#5 Partner Dance with Kicks

We show you how to dance with partner the moves that you have learnt in "Swingin' on Nothing #3". Music: Flying Home by Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Charlie Christian

#6 Partner Dance with Kicks 2

More ideas to dance with kicks. If you have practiced "Swingin' on Nothing #3 and #4" now it's time to play with more flows. You will be the master of kicks! Music: Flying Home by Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Charlie Christian

#7 Swing Out!

One of the most famous moves in the Lindy Hop is the Swing Out. How to get the swing out without stopping your dancing is the goal in this video. Learn the Swing Out dancing! Music: Melody in Swing by Don Byas