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Movin' in Jazz

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Latin rhythms, swing rhythms, classic movements, etc. In this collection Hector shows how to dance Jazz music being creative and having personality. He uses Swing phrases to make all the material easier to practice. Improve your dancing by getting this collection!

Héctor Artal

#1 Rhythms Based on 2, Son Clave

Hector works in different families of rhythms. In this video you will work on the family of 2s doing some kick variations and playing with Cuba Son's clave. Music: Louise, Lester Young

#2 Same Rhythm Different Moves

This video is related to the previous one. Hector works in the same rhythms as in Movin' in Jazz #1, but giving different movements to these rhyhtms. Music: Merle's Mood by Illinois Jacquet

#3 Cuban Rumba and Jazz Moves

In this video you will see a different Rhythm that comes from Guaguancó's Rumba. Hector will work on a variation of the Charleston using that rhythm. Music: Oh, Lady be goo by Count Basie

#4 Rhythms Based on 3

Hector plays with Rhythms based on 3. He dances some variations playing basically with two speeds: Full note Triplet or Half Note Triplet. Song: Groovin' with J.C. by Buck Clayton

#5 Suzin'Q Exploration

Exploring the Suzie Q can give us ideas to play with our legs. In this video Hector dances a swing phrase doing different variations with the Suzie Q. Roundalay by Oscar Peterson Trio + Clark Terry