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Kicks For Joy

Enjoy and learn from this collection now!

The videos in the course will be available to you for the next six months from the date of purchase.

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In this collection Clàudia shares different approaches to enjoy dancing to faster tempos.
The main goal behind it all is to feel comfortable keeping the dance wide and big, while the music speeds up! Therefore she is sharing her perspective about kicks, rhythmical variations, rehearsal' structures, routines and improvisation amongst other topics.

In each video you will have different ideas to develop within your practice session, focusing on the quality of movement and rhythmical precision but, as you know, having fun!

Clàudia Fonte

#1 Improvise with Combos

In this Video Clàudia shows two different combos so that you can play, mix them and improvise with them.

#2 Improvise with Kicks

In this Video Clàudia shares a playful idea to add to your kicks moves while improvising. Keeping it nice and easy by emphasizing the silences of the melody.

#3 Claudia's routine to dance fast

In this Video Clàudia will show a short routine to practice speeding it up.

#4 Kicks Routine with Rhythmical Movements

In this Video Clàudia will do a short kicks routine, keeping the rhythmical movement as clear as possible even when it gets faster.

#5 A Mix of videos #3 and #4

In this Video Clàudia will combine both routines from the previous videos #3 and #4, to keep on practicing with fast music.

#6 Create Contrast Doing Kicks

Still dancing with kicks, but in this video Clàudia will mix them up together with different moods to contrast them with other sorts of rhythms.