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Close Position - Fundamentals

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Dancing with a partner in a close position requires a lot of technique to be able to connect in a comfortable way. In this collection, Sonia and Hector talk about their fundamentals in close position. They take the Lindy Hop as the core and they add inspirations from Argentinian Tango and from different ballroom social dances.

You will find some classic Lindy Hop moves and also personal moves to help you improve your fundamental technique in close position.

Sonia and Hector

#1 The Embrace

The embrace, "El Abrazo" in Argentinian Tango, is a very important feeling to dance in close position. In this video Sonia and Hector talk about how to improve this feeling combining different movements. They use a classic Lindy Hop move.

#2 Circles Left & Right

Combining linear and circular partner moves is a good way to understand the possibilities that we have to dance in close position. In this video you will learn moves that make you turn clockwise and counterclockwise and also a final move that combines a classic move with the turning technique.

#3 Walking Circles Right and Left

In this video we dance more turns with partner, also clockwise and counterclockwise. However, we will find a different feeling respect the video "Close Position #2". Do you feel the difference? Also, we will show you a couple of challenging moves using this way to turn with your partner.

#4 Embrace and Twist your Bodies

Twisting your body to keep the embrace whatever happens is a beautiful idea that we have borrowed from the Argentinian Tango. We will show you fundamental moves to help you dance this idea within the swing rhythm. Enjoy this challenge!