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Swing Outs

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In this collection you will find Sonia and Hector's knowledge about the Swing Out, one of the most known moves in the Lindy Hop dance. Each video focuses in a different perspective: Fundamentals, Kick-steps in the Swing Out, Shuffles, Rhythm Variations or How to do Swing Outs when the music is very fast.

If you want to dance cool Swing Outs over 230bpm, you will enjoy this collection!

Sonia and Hector

#1 Fundamentals. Triple step improvement

Exercises and techniques to practice, learn, and improve the Triple-Step.

#2 Fundamentals with partner

This video is about the Swing Out fundamentals. Knowing the fundamentals will be very useful for the whole Swing Out collection.

#3 Shuffle Rhythm and Variations

This video is about the "Shuffle Rhythm" in the Swing Out. Dancing the Swing Out doing Shuffles helps a lot to create rhythms in it. We will show you a rhythm variation inspired by Al Minns, one of the most famous Lindy Hoppers ever!

#4 Sincopations with triple steps

Solo exercises that will help you improve your technique in triple steps and feel more comfortable when partner dancing. You can also use them to create your own variations!

#5 Swing Out with Kicks

This video is about doing kicks in the Swing Out. If you want to do big shapes dancing doing kicks can be the way.

#6 250 bpm and Faster

Doing the Swing Out as fast as you can keeping the rhythm and the comfort with your partner is a good challenge as a dancer. We will tell you our way to achieve it!