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Kicks & Tricks

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Cool movements for partner dance based on swing rhythms and taking the Lindy Hop as the root. Each video is based on a sequence doing kicks that will help you improve or keep inspired. The sequences match with the swing or blues structure so it will be easier to dance them.

Sonia and Hector will show you also how to practice and how to be creative dancing with kicks, enjoy it!

Sonia and Hector

#1 Charleston and Quick Turn

Exit from Charleston with a Quick Turn counterclockwise. Music: 9:20 Special by The Essential Count Basie

#2 A Way to Get the Tandem

Tuck Turn to Tandem with an interesting movement in the middle. There are also a special exit from the Tandem movement. Music: Honeysuckle Rose by Illinois Jacquet

#3 Flowing towards Hand to Hand

Tuck Turn to Hand to Hand, Kicking around. They move out from Hand to Hand playing with the arms. Music: The Grabtown Grapple by Artie Shaw & His Gramecy Five

#4 Charleston & Tandem

Charleston to Tandem in an easy and different way. Tandem variation "Power Move" to Charleston. Music: Slidin' and Glidin' by Cootie Williams and his Orchestra

#5 Charleston and Swing outs with Kicks

Blues sequence. Charleston, Swing Outs with Kicks and an exit from the Circle. Music: One O'clock Jump by Count Basie

#6 Charleston towards Hand to Hand

Quick entrance towards Hand to Hand from Charleston. Carrousel to Exit from the Hand to Hand. Music: Exactly like you by Count Basie

#7 Swing Out to Kicks

Swing Out, Outside and Break to start dancing with Kicks. Blues Chorus. Music: Up 'N' Adam by Lester Young

#8 Swing Out to Kicks 2

Same entrance that Kicks & Tricks #7 but doing Skates in close position. Swing phrases. Power Move. Music: Comes The Don by Don Byas

#9 Travelling & Hand to Hand Kicks

Swing Phrase with an interesting "Hand to Hand" Entrance and Exit.

#10 Moving through Travelling, Charleston, Hand to Hand

2 Swing Phrase that starts with the same idea in Kicks & Tricks #9 but evolves in a different way. A little bit more challenging.

Kicks & Tricks Rehearsal

This video is a rehearsal. There are NO EXPLANATIONS, only routines. We do these routines in each rehearsal to improve our technique. Music: Pennies from Heaven - Don Byas, Seven Come Eleven - Benny Goodman and Charlie Christian, Flying Home - Benny Goodman and Charlie Christian, Tickle Toe - Count Basie Orchestra.